Your executive team is invaluable to your company and they will have a big impact on your growth and profitability of your company

Executive Benefits are designed to provide meaningful value to a company’s key people. Your company has the flexibility to define an executive group and provide benefits that either supplement the group plans or are designed as a stand alone plan.

Executive Benefits as a part of a well designed Total Rewards strategy, is a great way to help recruit, retain and reward highly valuable employees.

McWalter Volunteer can help your company design, implement and administer Executive Benefits strategy in the following areas:

Providing additional income in the event of a long term care need is a critical part of retirement planning that most executives have not properly prepared for. There are better strategies and products available for a group of executives than traditional Long Term Care Insurance.
Group Long Term Disability often does not provide sufficient income protection for highly paid employees. Group benefits are often capped and usually do not cover variable compensation such as Bonus, commissions and Stock Options. Supplemental plans can increase coverage so that all employees have the same percentage of income covered, without the hassle of going through underwriting
Group Life Insurance is a valuable benefit to most employees, but does not provide a meaningful benefit for the Executive team. A supplemental Life Insurance plan can provide a higher level of coverage with no underwriting required.
Assets and future income are at risk in the event of a liability claim or lawsuit. Most Standard insurance carriers do not offer the high limit, comprehensive coverage that highly compensated employees need. A Group excess liability policy is a way to offer higher limits of liability coverage than would otherwise be available, at a lower price and with favorable underwriting.

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